This is not a traditional "tryout" where you can get cut! It is more of a "try it out" period. We will have informational meetings on Tuesday August 29 and Friday September 1. Both meetings are will present the same information and will go from 5-7 pm in the GRE classroom (located in Greg). Here we will introduce officers, share specific information regarding the team/tryouts, and answer any questions anyone may have!


Any current or incoming student is welcome to tryout for the recreational or competitive team! We accept people from all backgrounds: those who have never done gymnastics, cheerleaders, dancers, experienced gymnasts, and anyone else who is interested!


Tryouts are a super fun experience in which you can see if gymnastics is something you'd like to do! You'll meet tons of friendly, hard-working people ranging from those who have never done gymnastics to those who walked on their hands before their feet! More likely than not, you'll try something new and get a little outside your comfort zone. 


Tryouts will start Tuesday, September 5, 2023 and will continue until September 14, 2023. The first week is free, but if you would like to continue after that, you will owe $50. You can think of this as the first payment of your dues. After the tryout month, if you would like to continue and become a member, then you will pay the rest of your dues. The amount varies depending on whether you decide to be a competitive or recreational member.


Tryout are held at our normal practice facility at Austin Gymnastics Club in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, we do not have an on-campus practice facility. However, we are incredibly thankful to have an awesome gym to safely practice our skills! Reach out to the captains if you are in need of carpooling to and from the gym.


Reach out to the Presidents or Captains about your interest in tryouts. You can also email We can put you on our email list to receive future updates and tryout information! 

**A signed copy of our Constitution and Bylaws will be required in order to tryout and practice with us