Fees & Fundraising

We know that as college students, sometimes there's not a whole lot of pocket change to go towards clubs. That's why we do a ton of fundraising! These events help keep costs low for members, especially during competition season. During the year, additonal events may be added at the discretion of the officers. Fundraising is a great way to support our club, earn points, and bond with our team!

Flips for Tips

Flips for Tips (aka FFT) is our main source of fundraising. This is where we perform a "sideshow attraction" of various backflips and tumbling for cash tips. We often do this at football game tailgates to gain support from UT Fans who are always eager to see their favorite school succeed and want to help contribute to the success of fellow Longhorns. Recently, we have started accepting tips online! Supporters can donate through a link and request a flip from someone in particular. Then, they will receive a personalized video thanking them for their donation, and of course including a flip demonstrating the skills they're supporting.

Selling T-Shirts

We love it when our fellow Longhorns flex our TG swag! Another fundraising opportunity we have is selling t-shirts to family, friends, neighbors, students, and anyone else who wants one! This is a great way to show support for Texas Gymnastics and spread the word about all the cool stuff we do.

Prices and availability are subjected to change as we order new merchandise and evaluate our current inventory.


40for40 is a University-wide fundraiser hosted by UT Austin that encourages everyone in the community to donate to organizations that are meaningful to them. Students, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends come together to show their support through donations. The fundraiser lasts for 40 hours, and during that time we work really hard to raise support for our club through social media and word-of-mouth.


The first week is free, however, the try out process consists of one (1) month of practice at a cost of $50. This will be paid at the beginning of the second week of the tryout month and is non-refundable. If he or she makes the team, he or she will owe the remaining :

  • $150 out of the total $200 in dues (if a recreational member)

  • $250 out of the total $300 in dues (if competitive member with apparel)

  • $450 out of the total $500 in dues (if competitive member without apparel)

These dues cover the cost of competition apparel, travel, and entry fees as well as allow us to continue to rent out our practice facility and purchase new equipment for members!