Current Officers

Meet our 2023 - 2024 Officers! 

Officer elections are held annually, and both Recreational and Competitive members are encouraged to run. We love our officers and everything they do to make this club as amazing as it is!

President - Mayah Piunno

Mayah is a junior majoring in Linguistics! She started gymnastics at age 2 and her favorite thing about TG is being able to do this sport with her favorite people!

Vice President - Tiffany Jeng 

Tiffany is a graduate student studying Chemical Engineering. She started gymnastics almost 20 years ago! Tiffany’s favorite thing about TG is the live, friendship, and support it has brought her. 

Women's Captain - Sarah Bush

Sarah is a senior majoring in Psychology!  She started gymnastics as a tiny tot, continued until her sophomore year of high school, and has returned to the sport last year with TG.   Sarah is excited to keep learning and grow even closer to the team!

Men's Captain -Jonathan Harvey

Jonathan is a senior majoring in Public Relations! He did gymnastics as a kid and started again in college with TG. Jonathan loves TG because it gives him the opportunity to compete gymnastics again with his friends.  A fun fact about Jonathan is that there is always a 50/50 chance that he is reading on the south mall lawn!

Treasurer- Audrey Baker

Audrey is a junior studying Architectural Engineering. She started gymnastics at age 3, and loves practicing with all her friends in TG! Audrey is looking forward to this season and our national competition in the spring!

Travel Coordinator -Camdon Johnson

Camdon is a sophomore studying cellular and molecular Biology.  He started gymnastics just last year, and loves that TG gave him the opportunity to do this sport and make tons of friends!  

Merchandise Chairman - Leah Rodriguez

Leah is a senior majoring in Psychology.  She did gymnastics from age 4-8, and then restarted with TG last year!  Leah loves having fun at practice and competitions with the team, and she’s looking forward to the upcoming competition season!

Public Relations Chair - Alex Beardsley

Alex is a senior majoring in Neuroscience! She started gymnastics at age 5 and continued through high school. She loves being able to continue gymnastics in college and the fun environment TG provides!  Alex is looking forward to the upcoming season and spending time with her teammates! 

Social Chair -Anna Molina

Anna is a senior majoring in Mathematics.  She started gymnastics at age 2, and her favorite thing about TG is the people and friendships she has made!  A fun fact about Anna is that she is originally from Ohio!

Film Chair -Coen Street

Coen is a sophomore studying Physics.  He started gymnastics in elementary school, and he loves the friendship and community he has found in TG!  Coen is looking forward to being on the officer team this year and giving back to the club!